Video monitoring & Video Retrieval


construction site monitoring

Hard Hat & Facemask Detection or Overnight Job Site Guards

office & Apartment monitoring

Deter Unwanted Guests 24/7 & Remove Repeat Offenders

parking lot monitoring

Gate Operator Services or Employee Live Vehicle Escort

retail store monitoring

Long Line, Suspicious Behavior, & Product Interest Detection

Integrates With These Solution
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Bring Your Own Equipment or Use Ours - It All Works Either Way!
Wide Array of Options
We offer every shape, size, resolution & price range of camera possible. Typically Geovision because our software prefers them.
4K or 8K Standards
Even our most cost effective cameras are 4K resolution, vandal proof, zoomable and long range night vision capable.
Video Management Servers
VMS can be ran on a server or PC with either the free version or paid versions with AI detections available. AI keeps your monthly bill down.
Network Video Recorders
NVR's are extremely cost effective but only offer motion detection and no AI detections. Monthly fees are higher because a bird can set it off.

Everything Security Should Be ENVOY

Alarm Monitoring
Other Video Monitoring
Live Monitoring 24/7
Can Trigger Your Alarm System
Dedicated Agent
Two-Way Audio with Intruder
Employee Parking Live Assist
Regular Video Patrols
Connect Old Cameras

Types Of Detection

Suspicious Behavior Detection
Intrusion Detection
Theft Detection
Glass Break Detection
Detect These Activities Automatically

Once we have video of undesired people, our system will always notify us of their arrival


If a person or group hangs out too long in an area, the system will notify us


If someone enters an unrestricted area, we will know automatically & respond appropriately

Active Attacks

Scream/gunshot detection cameras can notify us & trigger sirens/lights on site


Behavioral AI software knows when someone is doing something suspicious

Object Removal

Show us which objects which should never move & we will let you know the second they do

Onboarding Process

Select the devices to use

Use our online store to select the Devices you wish to connect with

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Equipment is Configured

Our engineers Reach Out to Confirm your order and create a custom plan

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We Connect the Site

We either perform the installation, or ship you the equipment & assist Later

Get Started Now

Agents Go to work for you

Once connected, our staff get right to work monitoring your location & assets

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Multiple Ways to Connect

One option for connecting to our monitoring center is to install a Geovision NVR with IP cameras. Preferably their IP cameras are best to use but ultimately any ONVIF compliant IP camera will work.

IP Cameras w/ NVR
system by Geovision

Alternatively you can use your existing coax (analog) cameras with a converter to turn the signal into an ethernet IP communication format. The converters come in 4/8/16 channels and you can stack as many as needed.

Coax Cameras
converter by geovision

The absolute best option is to use video management software on a server or Windows 10 machine. Advanced AI detection software is only available with this route. AI keeps your monthly bill low, because it only alerts priorities.

Video Server
VMS by geovision

A simple solution is connecting an AI camera directly to the central monitoring station. All of the software required for advanced detection is built directly on to the camera. All recordings are kept directly on the camera SD card. We back it up.

AI Camera & SD Card
AI by geovision

An optional feature is to wire in a zone, contact, trigger, light or siren into an input/output module. An ethernet device that has dry contacts can trigger the alarm system at your site by our agents.

Alarm Devices
module by geovision

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